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Leicht Franconian cuisine

Georg Friedrich Leicht, chef Matthias Werner and the kitchen staff combine local Franconian cuisine with new culinary ingenuity and serve traditional dishes individually reinterpreted and refined.

Pick as the whim takes you, to gusto and taste

“Blaues Zipfele in Wurzelsud with mushrooms and bread – traditional dish ” or
“Cap of rump with green beans and beetroot foam”

“Tatar” – marinated at the table,
“Saddle of venison Saint Georg” or
“Venison filet cut into strips with porcini mushroom”

For fish lovers
“Sheatfish for two”, “Zander (fished in river Main)”, “Baked carp”
or Fish trout ‘blau’ fresh from spring water

after Saint Martin’s day you will love goose fresh from the oven

and to top it off “Apfelkräpfle” – traditional dish with fried sugar-cinnamon-coated apple wedges, “Franconian pancake” and
“Crème brûlée”.


Ingredients of both regional and international Leicht dishes are sourced mainly from Lower Franconian agriculture. Part of the spices used are freshly harvested in Andrea Leicht’s herb garden.




Served with Franconian Bocksbeutel-wine, a traditional wine bottle of the region. The Leicht family recommends as after-dinner drinks fruity home-made schnaps from plums, cherries, quince or wild pears.